One idea can change the world a lot!!!

Previously I used to think about suitable ideas whereas nowadays I am searching for proper mates along with a proper platform to bring my thoughts in their physical existence on the materialistic planet!!!

Reaz Uddin Ahmed

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    1. MakeSure24
    2. BeSure24

    Briefly about me

    I am the inventor of BeSure24 a product that can assure you if the product is original.

    Informally, in technical circles, I am sometimes called Reaz or RUA.

    Vital Statistics

    • Born: Feb 07, 1981
    • Sex: Male
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Software Engineer

    Academic Qualification

    Year Institution Qualification
    2011 IBAIS University, Dhaka, Bangladesh MSc in Computer Science
    2008 Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) PGD in Computer Science
    2005 IDB-BISEW Scholarship Project (Round II) Diploma in Enterprise System Analysis and Design
    2002 National University, Bangladesh Bachelor in Social Science
    1997 Dhaka Board, Bangladesh Higher Secondary School Certification (Science)
    1995 Dhaka Board, Bangladesh Secondary School Certification (Science)


    Phone: +2348094308833 (Nigeria), +8801716049475 (Bangladesh)
    Postal: 138, IkWere Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

    Prothom Alo